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A 60% deposit, and the balance is due upon completion for all projects. The balance of the project is to be paid at the end of the project, once approved and before the final package is delivered and/or uploaded or going live. Projects $800.00 or less must be prepaid prior to the start of project. Maintenance retainers are prepaid at a minimum of 10 hours. All printing fees must be prepaid prior to printing.

 Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. This is not negotiable.

Please make checks or money orders payable to: Fly Girl Media, Inc.  There will be a $50 charge for any checks returned for NSF (Non Sufficient Funds), in which must be paid immediately and the client will be responsible for returning all bank fees charged to Fly Girl Media, Inc.  If your check is returned NSF, the check payment option will no longer be available to you.


Fly Girl Media is not responsible for uploading changes and/or corrections due to connection problems, network errors, server/FTP connection timeouts, or any circumstances beyond our control. We are NOT accountable for faults or errors. We are not liable for any damages of any kind arising from the personal use or updating of your site, including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental punitive and consequential damages. We are not responsible for uploading changes or corrections because of connection problems, network errors, server/FTP connection timeout, or any circumstances beyond our control.


Commercial components, stock images, fonts ect… will be at the expense of the client (if it applies).
The client is responsible for obtaining any and all copyright permissions for reproduced material on the site ie.: photos, artwork, text etc. Any copyright infringements and legal issues will be the sole responsibility of the client. All data, content, text, images and pictures submitted to Fly Girl Media, for updates or changes are the property of the party who submitted them and are solely responsible for the copyright and ownership of that data. We are not responsible for domain registrations and hosting companies who cease trading.

Fly Girl Media has no legal responsibility to the content or copyright status of the website except for original Fly Girl Media artwork. The client will assume all responsibility should any copyright or trademark infringements occur. Clients who knowingly use competitor content are responsible for any legal action taken up by the “competitor”.


Outside of the keywords and basic SEO we incorporate into your site, we are not responsible for search engine promotion or marketing of any kind.


A project is considered abandoned when, project is in progress or after completion a customer does not get back to us starting in a 1 month (4 consecutive weekstime period. If contacted after the 1 month period a service fee of $100.00 plus any remaining balance due must be paid in full prior to moving forward with the project.


If you make any changes to your company name, we are not responsible for any new revisions to your artwork. It will be treated as a new project and will incur new charges.


When submitting content for your project please follow these guidelines:

  • All text content must be submitted in a word document, spell checked and grammatically correct.  It is not Fly Girl Media’s responsibility to do that for you.
  • All images must be sent in HI RESOLUTION format 300 DPI ( They will look sharp when scaled to size needed) If you have a large gallery of photos that require sizing, please let us know.  We will be glad to do it for you but we will have to provide you with an estimate for that as well.
  • All links must be outlined in word document, in their respective order, description (if it applies) and website link
  • Company logo must be in HI RES – PDF or Vector format (.eps or .ai vector file format for Illustrator)  This format allows us to place it on any color background.
  • Images for a gallery must be in their respective gallery folder by name or category
  • All artwork and files must be sent to kat@flygirlmedia.com
  • If files are too large, please use a Dropbox.com, or Yousendit.com and upload all content needed.
  • Videos must not be more than 1.5 to 2 min long. Please submit in an .flv or .mpg4 format, edited and ready to go.


We work with third-party printers that we trust. In the rare case that there is a printing issue, we will work with the printers to get it resolved, but any costs incurred from failure to review your proof will be at the expense of the client. Once you have “APPROVED” the artwork/proof, NO more revisions will be made.  Be sure to check all spelling, and that it is grammatically correct prior to approving for print.

PLEASE EXAMINE YOUR PROOF CLOSELY! If this email contains a proof, we rely solely on your approval of the proof as final verification and acceptance of the project. We can not accept financial responsibility for items approved by you that may be later found in error. Thanks for your understanding.


Please note that some print materials may not show the exact same color that is showing up on your screen. This is due to the fact that each computer screen is calibrated diffrently.  Any reprints required will not be at the expense of the client.  We recommend providing Hex #s or Pantone colors if you need exact shades matched up. MAKE SURE YOU ARE SENDING CMYK AND NOT RGB. If you required color swatching, printers charge a starting fee of $300 per color.


Completion of the project will depend on the client timeline for submitting all materials needed i.e. Hosting set up, Logins, and Content.  Please be advised that we DO NOT have the time to chase clients down with emails and phone calls for content. We do our best to provide you with a preliminary list of things needed based on your project needs for you to gather and provide to us.  If the content is not provided on a timely manner and the project begins to “drag it’s feet”, we will have to put the project on hold until ALL materials are received.  All email requests for changes and maintenance have a 24 to 48 hour turnaround.  If we able to do it sooner, We promise we will.


Due to the complexity involved with creating a website and/or troubleshooting, there is NO such thing as a quick question.  If you have a “how to” question, the best way is to find a tutorial by searching the internet like we do.

This link will help.


We always keep our lines of communication open, however, please remember that we have lives, and family too. We do not offer support for email set ups, technical issues with computers and/or mobile devices.  Tutorials are available on our resource page for your convenience.  Online searches have great results too!  Please DO NOT send texts!


Each party has confidential business information and agrees that neither party will disclose any information that is not public. Any request for information must be submitted in writing and signed with approval.


We kindly ask that when your project is completed that you take the time to send us a testimonial on your experience with us.  We would love to hear about it and post it on our website.  We love getting KUDOS!!! 🙂


By entering into a project with Fly Girl Media, you are consenting to be bound by the terms of these policies and procedures listed above.